Since 1989, the lodge has given out scholarship money to students from the West Seneca High Schools. They have been selected by Bro.Edward Frank, the chairman, Bro. Robert Kindred and Rt. Wor. Robert Bratton, all former educators.

The Cans and Bottles Program

This was started by Bro. Frank V. Cappola who has a shoe repair shop to which his customers brought in empty cans and bottles. Thousands of dollars have been raised and distributed to lodge programs such as the scholarship fund, the Camp Turk Fund, the The Telethon for Childrens’ Hospital, the trust fund, the roof fund, and the Kids Escaping Drugs Program. Money collected from bottles and cans currently goes to the Scholarship Fund.
Bottles and cans can be brought to the Lodge on meeting nights or you can drop them in the can on the Mill Road side of the building.  If you have a large bag, leave them next to the can or in the garbage shed by the side door.  We check them every day so ask friends or relatives to help.  No matter how many you get, they all count and don’t forget that water bottles count too! If you need bottles or cans picked up from your home, call Bro. Bill Heusinger to arrange for a pick-up.

Kids Escaping Drugs

This program has been chaired by Wor. Robert Yates, Jr. since 1997 and has raised thousands of dollars since its start. Some of the money comes from the all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast held annually by the brethren, while some comes from the cans and bottles drive. The lodge was inducted into the program’s hall of fame for its assistance in this program, and contributions over the years are in the thousands.

Printer and Ink Cartridge Recycling

A recycling program is underway to benefit the Lodge. Please help our environment by dropping off any used cartridges at the Lodge to be recycled. Help with this program is appreciated. If you have a couple of hours please contact Bro. Bill Martin.

Kids’ Day Newspaper Sale

Annually, generally in March, about 12 to 15 lodge brothers sell Buffalo News papers for a dollar each to raise money for the Childrens’ Hospital. This is done from about 5:45 A.M and continues until about 720 newspapers are sold. The men work in the cold on the corner of Union and East and West Roads. Chairmen for this have been Rt. Wor. Donald Raw, Rt. Wor. Edwin Hartman, Sr, Bro. Wilbur Silfies, and Very Wor. Charles Arnold.

The Lodge Pantry

Please support the Lodge Pantry with a non-perishable food item or cash donation. All donations received will help a family in our community. Any available time to help out with this cause is greatly appreciated. Call Bro. Bob Von to help.

The Telethon for Children’s’ Hospital

Annually, this event is held at the Harvey D. Morin Post. Through the cans and bottles drive, through donations from the brethren, through the sale of chance tickets to win chocolate items, liquor, whiskey, or wine, the lodge has raised money for this cause for years. The chairmen for this event in the past have been Bro.Richard Dehlinger, Wor. Gerald Kallin, Bro.Donald Raw, Wor. Raymond  Fox, and Rt. Wor. Edward Sisson.

Erie County Adopt-A-Highway Program

Yearly, members of the lodge participate in this program by picking up the trash from both sides of East and West Road’s two mile stretch from Union Road to Leydecker Road.

Brothers & Friends to do Business With

The Masonic Brotherhood has a history of supporting one another in times of plenty and in times of need. This tradition continues with the rededication of the West Seneca Masonic Lodge #1111 ‘Brothers and Friends to do Business With’ showcase. Located in the meeting hall of West Seneca Lodge, this glass covered, framed showcase proudly displays the names and businesses of Brothers and Friends who have contributed to the fiscal stability of the Lodge. The cost of membership in this showcase is an annual donation of $50.00. Members are displayed on a regular size business card, with the option of additional exposure on our website and our bimonthly newsletter at no further charge. Brothers and Friends may make a donation in the following forms: Compliments of ‘________’ Donated By ‘________’ In Memory of ‘________’ Commercial-‘________’ West Seneca Lodge #1111 hosts not only regular Lodge and Pond Chapter Meetings, but also church services, parties, and hall rentals presenting a large audience for viewing ads. For membership, download and print the application, send the completed application along with two regular size business cards and a check in the amount of $50.00 (made payable to West Seneca Lodge #1111) to ‘Brothers and Friends to do Business With’, c/o West Seneca Lodge #1111, 647 Main St., West Seneca, NY 14224. For further information, please contact our committee: W:.Craig Schwab W:. Jesse Fodero Bro. Mark Beehler Bro. Mike Devlin A form to request a spot can be downloaded HERE. Thank you for supporting our fund raising efforts, The Brothers of West Seneca Masonic Lodge #1111