from left to right; RW John Haslam Sr, DDGM, Second Erie District, MW Edward G Gilbert (2008-2010), Brother Brian Will, 1st Lt. Commander, Masonic War Vets and W James Michel Jr, Master, West Seneca 1111

On Saturday, March 21st, we traveled to the Masonic Care Community in Utica, NY to present to 100 year old Brother Charles Johnson Jr his 70 year Apron, pin, and certificate. It was a surprise visit; Brother Charlie was surely surprised. There were tears in eyes, he was so happy to see some of his Brothers from the Erie Districts. Arrangements were made with the Masonic Care Community to keep it quiet as we wanted to surprise Charlie. Charlie was brought to tears. I’m sure that he will be talking about this for weeks or longer. Unfortunately Charlie is in a wheelchair because his body is failing BUT his mind is as sharp as ever. He would greatly appreciate any calls from Brothers who know him. He can’t say enough good things about Utica and the care he receives there  but he misses his Masonic Brothers!